Human Rights in Islam | Islamic Studies | CSS/PMS | Urdu

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The initial thing that we find in Islam in this link is that it lays down some civil liberties for male as a human. To put it simply it suggests that every male whether he belongs to this country or that, whether he is a believer or agnostic, whether he lives in some woodland or is found in some desert, whatever be the instance, he has some fundamental human civil liberties merely due to the fact that he is a person, which ought to be identified by every Muslim. It will certainly be his obligation to fulfill these commitments.
The Right to Life
The Right to the Safety of Life
The Right to Live in Dignity
Individual’s Right to Freedom
The Right to Justice
The Right to Equal Protection of the Law
The Right of Free Expression
Respect for the Chastity of Women
The Right to a Basic Standard of Life
The Right to Privacy
The Right of Property
To Inheritance
The Right to Basic Necessities of Life
The Right to Protest
Right of Slaves