Youth Fountain – My Mental Health/Century (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)


Musician: Youth Fountain (formerly referred to as ‘Bedroom Talk’).
Song: My Mental Health/Century.
Cd: ‘Keepsakes & Reminders’ (out November 5th 2021).
Home town: Vancouver, Canada.
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Tag: Pure Noise Records.
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I infected all my drinks repeatedly.
Assuming it would help me be a totally various individual.
After that I’m left with simply myself, there’s never any type of means out.
I can’t find a solitary thing to really feel alright around.

What can take me back to that simpler time.
When I had lots of life and also the globe radiated so brilliant.
Those younger days they hold on to me, I’m like a bird in a cage.
I need an adjustment of views, however could it even change me?

I’m constantly out of place, I never ever felt this method.
Give me a factor to stay, to stay.
So what lies beneath, is never what it seems.
I’ll hide these tricks for centuries and also centuries.

I’ve been shed in my head with all the possibilities I’ve had.
I got to a snapping point and also now I’m spiralling and spiralling.
This sanctuary of all my closest memories were constantly lacking time.
And also I’m lacking mine.

Have you ever before felt so sure of a specific option?
You’ll consider your thoughts but you can never speak your voice.
Watch the hourglass decrease to spread the sand.
I can’t allow this win, I will not allow this win.

With hefty hands I hold this medication.
To maintain me based however I really feel condemned.
When all this is over I’ll show my colours as well as allow the light in.
It constantly intensifies.

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Video Directed By.
Kyle Pigeau.