Dems: Time For Course Correction? | The New York Times Close Up with Sam Roberts

Sector one: The Democrats got belted in recently’s political elections. What are the large takeaways from the results and also are the Dems prepared for a training course correction?
Guests: Peter Baker, NY Times Chief White House Correspondent and Mark Leibovich, Chief National Correspondent for The New York Times Magazine.
Section 2: Vaccinated international visitors are now allowed back in the U.S. Will that restore New York City’s dropping however essential tourist industry? We discuss the state of the NYC economic climate with NY Times Metro press reporter Matthew Haag.

Peter Baker, Author and also Chief White House Correspondent, The New York Times
Matthew Haag, Metro Reporter, The New York Times
Mark Leibovich, Chief National Correspondent, The New York Times Magazine

Recording Date 11/10/2021. First Air Date 11/12/2021

Get closer to this week’s important issues and occasions. Professional Times contributor Sam Roberts returns to television to discuss the big stories with reporters covering them as well as with leading newsmakers. Sneak peek short articles that will appear in The New York Times over the weekend, discover the back tales as well as appreciate the discussion that has actually differentiated the program for 25 years.

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