$19.99/month 100% Commission Program for Real Estate Agents in Florida

$19.99/month 100% Commission Program for Real Estate Agents in Florida

A groundbreaking change has come to the way real estate agents in Fl. earn their commissions from real estate transactions. Florida  real estate agents who want to earn more commission can do this with  one Florida real estate brokerage. When an agent joins Luxury Real Estate Group they pay just $19.99 per month and keep one hundred percent (100%) of their commissions and pay zero fees. On top of that, errors and omissions insurance is included for each and every agent. This means none of the typical commission splits, such as an agent earning 75% and the broker taking 25% or more. There are no franchise fees, desk fees, or mandatory transaction fees either. There is no floor time, mandatory meetings or office drama. Why? Because Luxury Real Estate Group is a virtual brokerage built upon a simple equation. Agents earn 100% from their transactions and the brokers only fee is $19.99 per month. Real estate agents have the opportunity to earn 100% of their commissions without giving a split to their broker or paying a flat mandatory transaction fee to their broker for each closing. This is a fee most brokerages charge. Typically $295-$495 or more.. Luxury Real Estate Group’s brokerage offers real estate agents a very quick way to earn more than one hundred percent. Luxury Real Estate Group does have a non-mandatory transaction fee and it is split 70/30 with the agent. The agent earns the 70% and can choose whether they use it or not. A far cry from the 100% most other brokerages take of this additional transaction fee. This is the right opportunity for all those real estate agents who have been tied up with a broker who takes a split or charges a high monthly fee in addition to a transaction fee. Utilizing this opportunity will boost the financial status of any real estate agent instantly. Most agents already generate their own leads, pay for their own marketing, gas, cell phone, computers and other business tools. So why share the commission just for hanging a real estate license with any other broker?

There is absolutely no obligation for an agent to stay with a national franchise or big box brokerage that requires additional office fees for the agents to do their jobs anymore. All that real estate agent needs to do is to have a broker keep their license active and provide support when they need it. Apart from that, the agent should not have to pay for any other brokerage expenses whatsoever. Apart from running their own business, a real estate agent in Florida will now enjoy a lot of creative freedom. A real estate agent can also list for a discounted fee or give commission back to their buyers. An agent can use all his or her ideas from past experiences to increase business. Creativity has always been a key factor in success. Not just real estate.

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